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I have been experimenting with recycled materials for my art. This is related to my childhood life. I grew up watching women in my family busy sewing, mending, and bedding, so I naturally learned machine sewing. Because supplies were scarce at that time, I had to use recyclable materials, and worn socks was good stuff for the Barbie dolls’ skirts, which were my first recyclable artwork. Now, 50 years later, the world is faced with the need to save the planet from human-caused global warming. As an artist, I want to be part of that movement and reduce the consumption of energy and resources while doing my creative activities. In my surroundings, it is easy to find leftovers and packages of food or merchandise that are going to be thrown away. As I see their colors and textures as unique, special, and still gorgeous, I collect these plastics every day and prepare them for transformation, then I cut, wash, and dry them. Those pieces are in various sizes and colors. I regroup them based on colors and textures, then sew and patch them to create the whole artwork. I love to see the harmony of small and insignificant patches, which blend so well together, often making patterns, textures, and unexpected effects such as transparency, shadows, and even 3-dimensional structures. Most of my work is expressed in the composition of lines and planes. I am inspired by Korean traditional and western abstract art. My creativity is often sparked by my imagination from nature, and the world around me. I'm passionate about sustainability and using discarded materials in my work. I hope my art makes people think about their connection to the environment and how we can build a better future together.

about my art

Every day, I see a lot of plastic package materials that are destined to get trashed.  However, to my eyes, they look beautiful and unique in colors and textures, so I reuse them with other leftover fabrics and stuff that I have kept in my storage to transform into many meaningful artworks.

Lemmon,lime,avocardo  plastic mesh bag


Aluminum Foil snack bag


Plastic Oinion bag


Plastic Produce bag

Bubble bag

Orange bag

recycled material (1).jpg

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