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Jogakbo Journey: Embracing Love

JOGAKBO Journey: Embracing Love

29" x 29"        Recycled Plastic Packages & fabric, Thread, Yarn

"Jogakbo Journey: Embracing Love"is a creative fusion of traditional Korean bojagi and sustainable art, which is inspired by the resourcefulness of Korean women in the past, who repurposed leftover fabric. By incorporating recycled plastic packaging and leftover fabric through machine sewing, this artwork can be hung on the wall or used as a “bap bojagi”, a meal cover.                   

Jogakbo is a combined word of jogak (piece) and bo (wrap cloth). Bo is a short word for bojagi.

"Bap bojagi" has a special meaning in Korean culture. It is used to cover bowls of rice and side dishes. This tradition represents love, care, and togetherness. It symbolizes the thoughtful act of setting a table for absent family members, expressing warmth and inclusiveness. The bap bojagi holds the unspoken message of "We miss you, and we are saving this meal for you." It embodies the deep bond within the family, even in times of separation. This tradition reminds us to cherish and appreciate acts of love and gratitude.                            

 Collection at the Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture 2023

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