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Beacon Window Gallery, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art 2024

Arirang 2.0

   11 x 4 x 27 ft Recycled plastic bag, fabric, thread, yarn     

"Arirang 2.0” is an installation inspired by the famous Korean folk song Arirang. This song is like a national anthem for Korea, deeply rooted in its culture and sung by everyone, no matter their age or background. As an immigrant, I understand the importance of Arirang and wanted to show it through my art. My piece captures the strength and resilience of Korean people, who find comfort and hope in the melody even during tough times. While listening to Arirang, I imagined dancing movements and captured that feeling in my artwork. The main part of this piece shows a journey that changes as it moves through winding hills, transitioning from angular to circular shapes and from vibrant colors to soft, transparent forms. At the same time, I also want to show how discarded recyclables can transform meaningfully to show their potential and hope.

스크린샷 2024-07-09 064548.png
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